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This is where we get to share why we love the brands we stock and hope you will too! All our brands are chosen with the aim of meeting our ideals of practical and fun clothing that will stand the test of time (and whatever chaos your kids love to get up to!) and that won't be a time suck to look after. More importantly, clothes that kids will love to wear.


Kite is a planet-friendly clothing brand for children from 0-11 years old. Brought to life with passion and care just yards from the sea in Dorset, every garment is designed and made packed with original and thoughtful details, manufactured to the highest quality, and produced with the lowest environmental impact. Their designs draw on the beauty of their Dorset surroundings – including the nearby sandy beaches, the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and the Purbeck Hills – giving their collections a unique look that is inspired by nature.

When it comes to quality, there are no compromises. They have earned the trust of customers by always using the softest organic fabrics and beautiful workmanship, and crafted each garment to provide exceptional fit, comfort and durability. By keeping retail prices in line with non-organic brands despite using premium organic cotton, they also ensure fantastic value for money.

Kite have strong environmental and ethical principles and are passionate about protecting the planet.  All of their garments are made from the softest organic cotton or fabrics made from organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles or fabrics approved by OEKO-TEX and are proud to be certified by the Soil Association to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS is recognised as the leading textile standard for products made from organic fibres and companies must meet a set of strict environmental and social criteria to achieve annual certification. All the elements in their supply chain – ranging from the cotton grower to their embroiderers – have been successfully inspected to ensure they meet comprehensive organic and ethical standards.


Lilly and Sid is a family run business based in Rugby, by parents Emma and Imran.

They are known for winning numerous awards every year from the Parents Choice Awards, which really does speak for itself. The brand is know for providing a unique and quirky style that is brought to life with eye catching prints and beautiful appliqués. Reversible items are common enabling families to maximise use and the softest GOTS accredited cotton making them a firm family favourite.


​​​​​​​Blade & Rose was created in 2010 whilst founder Amanda was on maternity leave. Which ultimately led the company to be named after her children's middle name ‘Blade’ and ‘Rose’. Each piece of the collection is unique and has the trademark design on the bum. A major component of the development was to ensure that the quality of the fabric was durable, functional, would wash well and most importantly, that was soft and kind to children’s delicate skin. The initial range quickly sold out and now the British family business has stockists all over the world including Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Japan, China, Taiwan, UAE, New Zealand and Australia & is now extensively rolling out in the USA. Blade & Rose will continue to extend the clothing range with matching accessories and new designs. 
Check out their WWF range, (of which we are proud stockists of the Panda leggings- more designs coming shortly) which Blade and Rose donate money to the World Wide fund for Nature (WWF) for every pair sold- they're also made from beautiful GOTS accredited organic cotton.

Chamomile Baby is a Mother and Daughter duo who have committed to supporting British trade from start to finish. Products are made from premium cotton where all aspects of manufacture and production is undertaken in the UK (with the exception of growing the cotton itself- although if our climate allowed I'm sure they'd do that too!). Even the care labels are UK made. 
Premium baby grows and accessories have been designed with a neutral tone for the perfect newborn gift from the softest cotton perfect for delicate newborn skin. These are incredibly popular as a baby shower gift or hospital bag and have numerous unisex options, so perfect for when the parents have opted to keep baby's identity a secret!


This extract is taken directly from Pigeon's website and sums up their work perfectly-

In an ever changing world, we like to hang on to a few fundamental values. We love to design and to create beautiful collections for small people. But we also care out where our cotton comes from, who makes our clothes, who sells them and who wears them.  

As well as designing our collections, we also want to make a difference wherever we can.

A helping hand – According to WOMENSAID.ORG.UK “On average two women are killed by their partner or ex-partner every week in England and Wales.”  We are pleased to send some of our spare stock to refuges supporting vulnerable women and their children in Oxfordshire (our home county).

Refugee support – We find it impossible to imagine being forced from our home, our town and possibly even our country.  According to the UN, by the end of 2017, 68.5 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide – the highest level ever seen. In what feels like a tiny gesture given the size of the problem, we recently sent two pallets of spare stock to be used in refugee camps in Greece, under the guidance of the charity Everyday Refugees. 

Baby Bank Network Whether or not we’ve had children ourselves, we all know what a wonderful but also challenging time it can be. There is huge pressure to do the right thing, be a good parent and to provide the very best in terms of emotional wellbeing and physical goods for the new baby; so potentially (and ironically) it can be an incredibly difficult, lonely and stressful time. We're delighted to support three Baby Banks in Exeter, Birmingham and Bristol with donations of spare stock.

Our beautifully soft cotton is 100% organic and our clothes are made in a small number of factories which adhere to fair labour practices (see more about our certification below). We work with hundreds of small independent retailers across the UK and further afield and we care about providing them with the best possible service we can - we want to support vibrant high streets in our towns and cities.  And finally, we hope (and we are told) that the design and quality of our clothes means that they can be passed from baby to baby and child to child again and again.

Not everyone can be expected to buy organic products all the time, but we hope that when people have the choice, they will think about the positive benefits to the environment, to the farmers and their families, that organic farming can bring.  

Within our small Oxford base, we also try to minimise our own environmental impact, so all of our company’s electricity comes from renewable sources and we are currently in transition to compostable bags for our packaging. 

In an increasingly global world, we think the small local things are important: the chat with the shopkeeper; the children playing in the park; the cup of tea with a neighbour. These simple things are like threads that are woven together into the fabric of day-to-day life and we don’t want to lose sight of them.

At Pigeon, we don’t want to grow huge, we just want to do what we love doing, working with people we like, in a way that has a positive impact wherever possible. 

Jane Shepherd (Founder)