About Us

Welcome to the world of Small and Awesome, where we are on a mission to banish boring and mundane from your kid's wardrobes!


Hi! I'm Zoë (wave) mum of 1 fully charged toddler and 3 pooches with my partner Andy, and yes, it's a mad house. By day I juggle full time care of all of the above (except Andy, he can look after himself!) and try to do the laundry etc. while running a business. Quiet and dull are not words I'm familiar with. My skills include chief dog walker, order picker, menu decider and nose/ bum wiper. Andy is the man with a plan, unlike me, helps with tech support and gives me the confidence to reach for the stars. When I'm not doing any of the above I like to indulge my 20 year obsession with dog agility.


Why Small and Awesome?

Small and Awesome came about after I grew totally sick of the number of high street clothes that ended up in the bin after such a short space of time, my life seemed to be forever soaking and scrubbing to get stains out. Then my sister gifted us as cardigan for Seb and everything changed. It was from Kite who I'm so happy that we've stocked from the beginning, I literally said 'ooooo' as I felt the quality of it. It washed so well without marks or bobbling and was a total game changer. When the time came at the end of maternity I was faced with the same hideous situation as many, my salary would have literally covered nursery fees and not much else, and I couldn't bear to leave the cocoon of home life just yet. For the first time in my life, I was brave and decided it was now or never. Big girl pants were on and Small and Awesome launched 4 months later in March 2019.


Our Clothes

Our clothes are bright and fun that kids absolutely love to wear, and look just as good on the first wash as they do on the 400th (and even onwards!). These clothes will play as hard as your kids do and come out of the wash looking like it never happened. We've a great selection of organic (and non organic) brands to choose from and everything to equip yourself from zip up sleep suits (keep those wriggly legs in!) stretchy leggings for when they're on the move, right up to some serious adventuring.

Whether your child is a daydreamer, rebel or epic adventurer we've got you covered with outfits as individual as they are. Whether you love rainbows, unicorns, dinosaurs or tractors (and everything in-between!) we'll help your little one show off their amazing personality. Why not head over to the shop and see for yourself?

We hope you enjoy our store, if you'd like to know more about what we've got going on you can either subscribe to our email list, or follow us on Facebook (@smallandawesome), Insta (@small_and_awesome), or all 3!


Zoë & Andy x